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2022 Accelerator Application

The Montgomery TechLab Accelerator is a 12-week industry agnostic and immersive venture development program designed for early-stage companies focused on technology-based services and products.

We partner with the City of Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama Power, the Lab on Dexter, MGMWERX, DCODE, and Fearless to help startups better position themselves for government and commercial customers.

We are currently accepting applications for the next cohort with the deadline being August 1, 2022.


    Are you a veteran?

    Describe your company. What is the product or service you provide? What problem are you solving and why is it important?

    Who are some of your current or target customers?

    What are your key differentiators? What makes you different?

    Please select the focus area that best describes your solution? Select all that apply.

    Describe your business model. How do you make or plan to make money?

    What stage of development is your company/product?

    What is the next milestone your company needs to reach?

    What are your expectations for this accelerator program?

    What specific goals/connections/customers are you looking to achieve?

    From what sources have your company received funding? Select all that apply.

    Does anyone in your company have experience working with the Federal Government?

    Do you have any existing or previous Government customers? Please list any that you can share, including sales through prime contractors where the end-user is a government entity.

    Are you familiar with the SBIR program, and if so, have you applied for SBIR funding or received it?

    Please provide the names, roles, skills and experience that make up your leadership team (including your own) as well as additional team members you expect would participate in the program.

    Does any of your staff have active government security clearances?

    Is the majority of your company (>51%) owned by US Citizens?

    Do any of your founders have non-competes or organizational conflicts of interest with any government entities?

    Do you have any specific talent or capacity needs at this time? If so, please provide details below.

    Describe any corporate partnerships you have or are pursuing:

    How did you hear about the Montgomery TechLab Accelerator Program?

    Please provide a link to an up-to-date company overview or pitch deck which includes: a short business summary, a description of the problem or opportunity you addressing, an explanation of your product or services and expected revenue model, and a summary of the competition in this space and go to market strategy, products and benefits roadmap, description of current revenue or projected revenue model, any other relevant details that will enable us to assess your company's fir for this program. (We encourage this to be in the form of video submission.)

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